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  • Dynamic sizing for openings - you can now add top, bottom and side clearances to existing openings in a job. This provides additional flexibility for change after the initial input.
  • Point loading of girder trusses - Structure calculates the reactions from the individual supported trusses. The reactions are applied as point loads directly to the girder truss bottom chord or top chord.
  • IFC Export – Hot Rolled Steel posts/columns now feed through to the IFC file.
  • A new ‘Site Summary’ tab has been added to the material Summary Report.
  • The Smart Panel length is automatically reduced to allow for the variation in depth when a 3D pitch is applied.
  • More ‘Hot Rolled Steel’ beam shapes are now available to be added to the IFC file.
  • Absolute spacing for saddle trusses at the end of a roof block implemented. This allows for direct fixed roof sheathing to be continuous.

This webinar is part of our exclusive FRAMECAD® Know-How webinar series