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The Endless Possibilities of Cold Formed Steel* Applications

* Cold Formed Steel or CFS is also known as Light Gauge Steel or LGS.


Download our eBook to discover:

  • How CFS technology and processes are used by construction companies all around the world, in a huge range of building applications

  • Examples of residential applications such as affordable (social) housing, apartments, multi-family residential, or single dwellings

  • Instances of non-residential buildings, schools, hospitals, aged-care facilities, offices and hotels, all constructed with CFS technology

  • Real-life case studies showing cold formed steel applications in both the residential and non-residential sectors.

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Whether you build in the residential or non-residential sector, when you need a dependable construction method that delivers projects on time and within budget, you can’t go past cold formed steel (CFS) construction.

In this eBook, we explain how cold formed steel construction is used extremely successfully and efficiently in a wide range of applications, using an innovative and varied range of methodologies.

Download the eBook to learn how CFS is applied in both the residential and non-residential sectors, with practical examples of how its diverse applications and methods of construction are revolutionizing the world of building.

Download our eBook