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Leading by Design

The Benefits of FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel* Construction

* Cold Formed Steel or CFS is also known as Light Gauge Steel or LGS.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Turkish languages

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FRAMECAD are experts in the field of design-led CFS construction. Improve your processes, by learning:

  • How a design-led process works
  • How this process can benefit your building project(s)
  • How you can raise ROI on your construction project using a design-led process
  • Ways you can reduce costs of engineers and skilled labourers
  • How FRAMECAD can guide you through the design-led construction process

Let FRAMECAD show you how design-led CFS construction can work for you.

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What results can you expect from implementing the sugestions in the eBook?

More accurate, lower cost, faster-to construct, quality buildings. And the opportunity to create highly scalable construction businesses that generate far greater ROI than traditional methods.

In the eBook we explore the concept of design-led construction, and specifically, how the CFS construction process varies compared to traditional methods.

As FRAMECAD is leading the way with innovative software in CFS design and construction, we explain the specific benefits of the FRAMECAD design and engineering process, and the advantages of using FRAMECAD software over other industry alternatives.

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