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Benefits of using Cold Formed Steel* roof trusses


* Also known as Light Gauge Steel (LGS)


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In the mini eBook we cover:

  • Where Cold Formed Steel or Light Gauge Steel construction is used in the world

  • The advanatages of Cold Formed Steel for roof trusses

  • Comparison of Back-to-back vs Inline trusses
  • What are the most popular CFS/ LGS roof shapes

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Cold Formed Steel is an incredibly versatile material used worldwide; in  the  United  States  (US)  and  Great  Britain  CFS  has  been  used  in  building  construction  since  the  1850s.  In  the  US  Cold  Formed  Steel  is  becoming  the  material of choice for the structural components of mid-rise and multi-family buildings, for family and student accommodation, aged care facilities and hotels.

If you’re a project owner, developer or builder, Cold Formed Steel trusses represent a major competitive advantage, offering design flexibility
making CFS trusses ideal for almost any building type, in-
cluding residential, commercial, institutional, educational and industrial
structures – at the same time delivering better quality buildings that meet the demands of modern communities.

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